child development and daily life care facility located
in Tennouji-Ku & Nishi-Ku,Osaka-Shi,Osaka,Japan.


“I did it!”

each new day.

Play with Therapy

Subaco is child development and daily life care facility located in Tennouji-Ku & Nishi-Ku, Osaka-Shi, Osaka, Japan.


At subaco, we provide service for individuals with disability to promote independence and participation. There are 5 different approaches we take:

・subaco kids (Sensory Integration Therapy class, child development and after school care)
・subaco study (Study support class, child development and after school care)
・subaco switch (Executive function training class, child development and after school care
・subaco training (Daily life care for adults)
・subaco plan (Consultation support for parents)

Based on scientific evaluation, we provide environmental and functional approaches and lead to achievement of goals for each individuals.

These children’s involvement will change the society towards positive direction.

At subaco, we cherish the concept of “Play with Therapy” and we hope that each child will gain confidence and take off to the next stage in their life.

“True Face of subaco”

Please take a look at our daily activities, workshops, and information regarding developmental disabilities. This information is open to public.

“Therapy based on neuroscience”

At subaco, we provide services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Our approach is based on scientific evidence such as sensory integration therapy, cognitive psychology, and neurophysiology. We think that it is important for us to gain scientific knowledge and skills to help individuals with disabilities.

Understanding developmental disability

We release information regarding world’s recognition of developmental disability, subaco’s understanding of therapy, and helpful information for the parents. Because we provide service directly to our clients, we believe that there are many things that we can do.

Contact subaco

※Due to our service providing circumstance, telephone can be answered only during the time below. 10:30 a.m. 〜 18:30 p.m.